ESPN’s Game Flow Chart

I was on looking at the writeup for Notre Dame’s loss to Villanova and saw an awesome new feature, a game flow chart in the right column halfway down the page. It is a chart that marks each team’s point total vs time remaining in the game. It’s fantastic! If you hover your mouse over any part of the chart you can see how many points each team had at that point in the game.

I imagine this type of technology becoming really really popular very soon. I wonder what other cool stuff they’ll come up with.

DanObservations01/28/05 1 comments


Dad • 01/30/05 2:12 PM:

As you might expect, I like the game flow chart a lot. This could also be done for individual players dueling it out for scoring honors. I predict, however, that this kind of graphic will not be good for sports like soccer.

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