The Meatrix

The Meatrix is a site you should take a look at. It’s funny and clever and has a good message. As you’ll soon see, it’s a take off on The Matrix. It’s purpose is to educate folks about where the meat they eat comes from. It’s an anti-Factory Farm crusade (says the site).

I love that the Laurence Fishburne figure’s name is “Moopheus”. What I don’t love is that it reminds me of my Environmental Ethics class in college. In that class we read all sorts of stuff having to do with being vegetarian and the evils of factory farming and the like. I liked the class and did well. Well, except for when I purposely didn’t read certain stuff that I didn’t want to hear - like the truths about factory farming. So, am I going to change the world? Nope - but I think for once I might do something about the meat I buy. Maybe. How about you guys? [There are links to find stores and restaurants that sell farm raised meats].

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Dad • 02/01/05 10:24 AM:

Very clever parody. However, I think once you decide to eat animals, then you have to expect the process for bringing them to market to “improve” its efficiency. Yes, the old family farms seem more humane, but hey, we’re still killing and eating them. I don’t see much advantage to going halfway and saying you want your animals treated well before they are butchered. Reminds me of the old joke about the three-legged pet pig. When a stranger asked about how it happened, the farmer told the story of how the pig had saved the family by alerting them to a fire. “Is that how he lost his leg?” asked the stranger. “Oh, no,” said the farmer, “It’s just that after he saved us like that, it didn’t seem fair to eat him all at once.”

David • 02/01/05 11:19 AM:

I think the least important/relevant of the points made in the parody is the cruelty to the animals. I know it is for me. There are numerous other reasons why we might want to think about factory farming. They’re improving efficiency at a severe cost to the environment and possibly our health. I think it has very very little to do with the humanity/animality of the cows and chickens and pigs. Plus doing it right can decrease your ecological footprint!

I’m not trying to be their spokesperson, but this section of the site gives lots of good reasons to reevaluate where we get some of our food. (Counter to my earlier point, they do list animal welfare first. Oh well)

AJ • 04/03/06 3:57 PM:

Meatrix II is out.

Thinking that you can eat a sick animal and still have your body produce healthy human cells out of it is ignorant(emphasis on the ignore part of the root). Also, concluding that just because you’re killing something you therefore don’t need to respect it’s life seems to lack as much thought.

Animal cruelty is BY FAR the last reason I eat good quality animal products. It is, however, worth considering. I tend to think I would say, “who cares” about killing food animals to, until I actually think about how I would treat them. I don’t think I can support someone who couldn’t care less, although I admit it was concern for my own well being that finally brought me around to thinking about the food I eat, where it comes from, and how it is raised.

Once you think about it enough, the truths become so obvious that you wonder why you couldn’t figure out why you were getting fat, sick and tired all the time. It was at least partially because I had decided not to care.

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