Tiny House

I love this commercial! Tiny House by Geico, is a masterpiece. My favorite part is at the beginning - “You are SO awesome!” Almost makes me want to change my insurance.

DavidFunnies03/20/05 6 comments


AJ • 03/21/05 1:43 AM:

For once I am in total agreement with David. This is the funniest commercial ever. I can quote it word for word and, you have to admit, that “is kinda awesome.”

Dan • 03/21/05 3:11 AM:

AJ didn’t mention that we Tivo’d the dang commercial and played it about 15 times and even slow-mo’d parts.

I just want to make an omelette!

AJ • 03/21/05 3:13 AM:

“Are you kidding me!”

Patrick • 03/21/05 4:57 PM:

Does anybody have a catalog/list of Geico’s parody commercials? I remember one about hair loss, one in a court room (the “I do have some good news” ones), one that’s like a home-remodeling t.v. show. Parodies make some of the best/most memorable ads. I still think my favorite commercial is the beer commercial where the bored husbands who are waiting for their wives in the department store are hanging out under the clothes rack with their hibachi and beers, watching the game.

AJ • 03/21/05 6:49 PM:

The clothes rack is a classic. Janet’s favorite commerical is also for Geico, but I’d never seen it. Apparently, they were hurling hamsters through the big O in a Geico sign. It is a few years old now but I think it got taken off of the air pretty quickly because of an ASPCA protest. I hope one of yous has the time to find a Geico catalog. Man, they have good advertisers.

AJ • 03/21/05 6:51 PM:

Assumptions in above post: where “‘d = ‘ve”

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