E. Brunswick wins again!

This may not be the most important item in today’s news, but I thought it deserved some recognition, grotesque as it is. Its grotesquery (which sounds like a rotisserie for cooking mutant animals) derives from English language usage rather than from any misshapen objects in the story. In describing the second consecutive victory for East Brunswick High School in the “We the People…The Citizen and the Constitution” national competition yesterday, one of the team members is quoted as saying, “It’s the first time East Brunswick is a two-peat.

Do you realize what’s happened here? We’ve come full circle. Apparently forgetting (or possibly never knowing) that there is a word for describing a second consecutive victory, this student makes up a word that means “one short of a three-peat.” Isn’t language wonderful? It’s enough to make Byron Scott roll over in his … SUV?

We’ve previously talked about this. (By the way, is this the first time anyone is noticing that Dan left off the “t” in “three-pea”?) I just two-read the entry and comments and found the experience very funny. What we need now is a word to describe the first victory. “One-peat” is too obvious. I propose “Won-peat.”

Special bonus item. The print version of the article includes a picture of the students and their coach, Alan Brodman. It shows him leaning over the table where his team sits, telling them, “You guys are the icing on the cake.”

What? Cake? Icing? What is this man talking about?

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