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You will have noticed by now that when you add an entry or a comment, you get an error message, something about not finding something or other on line 33 of Please ignore this. Your entry/comment has gone through just fine, but I’ve been having some problems getting our author archive pages back up (with the switch to the new Movable Type). Otherwise, I think everything is working like it was before (it took some doing; feel free to thank me).

By the way, David, when something doesn’t work, like a comment doesn’t go through or a print job doesn’t come out of the printer, you’re never going to get it to work simply by submitting it again. I don’t understand this human tendency. “Oh, my print job didn’t come out. Let me go send it again.” As if it simply got swallowed up in the ether. Something is wrong. Sending it again is only going to give you a huge backlog (and multiple copies of the same thing) when the problem gets resolved. Me, I always check to see what the problem is. In the case of the comments (which I deleted, by the way, all but the first one), I’d check the site to see if maybe the comment worked. If it did, then I’d scratch my head, wonder what that error message meant, and I’d go about my business.

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Patrick • 06/28/05 11:09 AM:

OK. I’ve fixed the error, and the “Authoritative” listing is working, but with a problem. It considers our “alter egos,” our TypePad logins (for commenting) blog “authors.” I’ll have to see how I can get rid of those. Meanwhile, things are working better. No, wait. The author pages are also not working (only the dropdown menu works, but the links are broken). I’ll see if I can fix that, too.

David • 07/10/05 12:33 PM:

Hold on now fella. I don’t ever resend print jobs. I too look to find out what’s up.

As for this site - it doesn’t work a lot of the time. Sure, I’ve redone some things and it’s shown up twice. But more often, when I’ve resubmitted something, it only shows up once - because it didn’t go through the first time. I would say it’s be 6 to 3, with 3 being the duplication mess-ups. This all reminds me, I have a comment saved on my email from when I was in London. The reason it’s there is because it wouldn’t (and didn’t) post properly the first time. I end up doing this all the time - saving entries/comments for later. Sometimes I forget about them.

ps. I’m happy to see the ‘search’ feature is back.

pps. Wouldn’t you know it. Right now I’m in Barnes and Noble, using their internet connection (we cancelled ours at home). And when I hit the ‘post’ button I was told that the connection had failed. My normal response would be to resend, but I’ll wait to see if it magically posted.

Dad • 07/14/05 10:56 PM:

Before I send another print job, I check the printer que to see if the job that didn’t go through is still there and trying. The tendency to resubmit is not that unreasonable, however, because often doing something again does actually work, and this technique is particulatly applicable to computer technology. How often do us non-Mac users have to reboot our systems to get them going right? If your car doesn’t start the first time, you try it repeatedly, often with success. Likewise, your lawnmower. Another (not so good) example is repeating yourself when someone doesn’t hear you. Or telling your kids to stop jumping on the furnature. Or ringing the doorbell again when no one answers. Trying things again is a common problem-solving technique, rooted in past experiences where it works.

Of course, lots of people erroneously think that pushing the elevator button over and over will bring the elevator faster. Similarly, pushing the street crossing button is thought by some to stop the traffic sooner. (Actually, I’m convinced these buttons aren’t even connected to anything, and are just there to make you think the department of transportation cares about pedestrians.) Someone once defined stupidity as doing the same thing over again expecting a different result, but I’m not sure who.

More to the point, my experience with Maddenation is that sometimes I’d create an entry and press post and the system would ask me to sign in again (apparently because it “timed out”). I have sometimes then reposted the entry and found that it was posted twice. Now, I generally assume it posted, and just check the site later to see if it’s there.

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