Terrible Terry Tate

Terrible Terry Tate is outrageously funny. He works for Felcher and Sons as an office linebacker. These short videos were made by Reebok. I think I’m going to go buy some Reebok stuffs, in an attempt to pay them back for the many dried tears I now have on my face. Pat (and I) want to know why this campaign didn’t propel Reebok to the forefront of sneaker/athletics sales?

“You can’t walk away from a K22 paper jam! You must be out of your mind, son. This is my world, Donny, you just work here baby. Whooo!”

I love that he has on a breathe-right strip and eye black when he’s sitting at his desk. Feel free to add your favorite parts/quotes to the comments.

DavidFunnies07/25/05 4 comments


Patrick • 07/27/05 12:20 PM:

From the boss of the company: “If it aint something that’s broken, there’s no need to repair it.”

This is classic Madden-style humor. I think the “ain’t” makes it that much more classic. I found these terribly funny. The Terry Tate actor is right on. Why haven’t we continued to see him? Where’s his Oscar?

David • 08/12/05 7:36 AM:

“I’m an equal opportunity hitting machine. All day, everyday. Believe dat! Whoooo!”

Patrick • 08/12/05 3:34 PM:

“You eat somebody else’s cake again, and I’m gonna give you a slice of Terry’s special pain cake. And you won’t want seconds o’dat!”

Patrick • 02/03/06 5:32 PM:

Vote for Terry Tate as the greatest Super Bowl commercial ever!

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