What happened to the “home” key on this site. You can go to the next/previous entry, or “July”, or various categories, but you can’t get back to the home page once you’re into the comments, etc. I recommend the home key be put back. Is everybody with me?

This entry can be deleted when the task is completed.

DadRecommendations07/29/05 4 comments


Dan • 07/29/05 8:22 PM:

Is that closing remark a Terrible Terry Tate line?

Patrick • 07/30/05 12:50 PM:

Sorry about the loss of the home link. Meanwhile, may I suggest the “back” button on your browser?

Dad • 07/30/05 2:08 PM:

Oh yeah. The back key. Do you mean the back, back, back, … key that gets you to the original page that you then have to hit the “refresh” key to see the comment, and then reinput all the sign in information if you want to make another comment?

Patrick • 07/30/05 3:26 PM:

I usually don’t have to reinput the signin information, though I do have to click on “sign in” and then it recognized me. Maybe you should select “remember me for two weeks” from the TypePad login area?

And, yes, that back key. Or, use your browser address window and cut off the stuff after “.com/”.

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