Thanks, but no thanks

I just caught wind of a Swedish band named Spearfish who have recorded a cover of Rush’s song “Limelight” on their latest album. I think you can vouch for me that I have nothing against the Swedes, but lemme tellyou, man. This band’s version of the song sucks! It sounds like Vince Neil under anesthesia. You have to listen to it just to appreciate the badness.

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Dan • 08/17/05 12:11 PM:

Your “Vince Neil under anesthesia” is pretty good. This just sounds like a cover band, no? They’re not re-molding the song at all, just trying to play it exactly how Rush plays it. That, my friend, is a recipe for a bad cover. And if you ain’t Geddy (Rush’s lead singer), don’t try to be.

What’s the best cover-song ever? Well, “Twist and Shout” by the Beatles, of course! No one has ever scream-sung better than John on that song. Wow!

Patrick • 08/17/05 2:51 PM:

Another pretty good cover song is “Crossroads” as played by Cream. Out here we constantly get Elton John’s cover of “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” (which I had never heard before last year), and it’s terrible. I also dislike Joe Cocker’s “A Little Help from My Friends” cover (even though it was the theme song for The Wonder Years).

David • 08/19/05 4:08 PM:

I would go with two
1. Bob Seger and Metallica - “Turn the Page” - both songs are equally awesome.
2. Talk Talk and No Doubt - “It’s My Life” - love them both to the max!

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