The Robotic Drum Machine

On the subject of Rush again, the P.E.A.R.T., named after the drummer of Rush, is a machine that is programmed to play midi file drum parts on an actual drum kit, where drum sticks are hooked up just above all parts of the kit. It’s weird, very funny to see (when the sticks do a drum fill they move so fast it can’t help but look goofy), and extremely robotic.

DanSounds08/19/05 3 comments


Dad • 08/30/05 11:14 PM:

I was going to comment that the word robot itself is an acronym invented by Isaac Asimov in his book I Robot, but that’s not the case. Robot comes from the Czech word robota, which means servitude, forced labor and, according to has been in English since 1923. Too bad. I wanted it to be an acronym, but franky, I can’t even make one up that comes remotely close to describing a “robot.” Can you?

Patrick • 09/02/05 4:19 PM:

Recreation Of Biological Organism, Technological.

Well, you try it!

Dad • 09/02/05 11:24 PM:

Rotating Objects Beat On Taut-skins?

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