Utah Arts Council Writing Competition

I got a call yesterday telling me I’d taken second place in the book-length auto/biography division of the Utah Arts Council Writing Competition. This carries with it a nice monetary prize (but not publication). The book I submitted is my dissertation, Uruguary. Maybe this will inspire me to finish the darn thing and get working on publishing it.

PatrickNews09/24/05 4 comments


Dad • 09/24/05 1:46 PM:

Congratulations, Patrick. Is that really your title, or did you accidentally add an extra “r”?

Patrick • 09/24/05 5:20 PM:

Yes, the title is right. It’s a neologism, combining “Uruguay” and the -ary suffix that you find in “library,” “reliquary,” and other such words. In essence, the title means “A compendium of Uruguay things.” At least that’s what I was going for. It also was a misspelling on Pato’s second birth certificate (they had misspelled it “Uraguay” the first time).

Dad • 09/24/05 11:08 PM:

Reminds me of “skullduggery.”

Patrick • 10/01/05 12:44 PM:

The official announcement of the winners is now online.

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