Charlie Weis Has Got Class

You may have read/heard this already (Karina showed it to me last week), but since we’re all a bit slow on this site lately, I think it bears repeating or late posting: How Charlie Weis promised a terminally ill boy that he’d call “pass right” on the first play from scrimmage against Washington, and did it, even though ND was starting on their own 1 yard line, and how Anthony Fasano made the catch and hurdled a defender for an thirteen-yard gain, and how the boy had died the day before. Article on

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Dad • 10/02/05 11:52 PM:

I had heard about it, and was duly impressed. That’s what I like to hear about Notre Dame. Class, promises kept, recognition that there are some things you’ve got to do because they’re right (and some things you can’t do, simply because they’re wrong). Interesting how Charlie said he doesn’t believe in using individuals as inspiration, but he did it anyway. How much more inspiration do you need than to know there are millions of people out there who’s biggest thrill is just knowing someone who went to ND, who route for the team because of what the school stands for, or because their father did, or because they are Catholic, or because of Knute Rockne, or Rudy, or the Gipper, or, yes, because of Joe Montana?

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