It’s about time. SHHH (the Society for HandHeld Hushing) has made some pratical, funny, and creative little cards for folks to give people when they’re being too loud/annoying on their cell phone. Thank goodness. You can download the pdf with printable/handoutable cards. I suggest keeping some in your wallet for the next time you’re at the supermarket, on a bus or on the El, or in my family room.

DavidFunnies11/04/05 3 comments


Patrick • 11/06/05 10:12 AM:

What I have yet to see, though I’ve looked only perfunctorily, is someone’s report on actually using these cards. I’d be curious how it goes.

Dad • 11/06/05 11:10 PM:

To be honest, I have never been driven to a high enough level of annoyance by an inconsiderate cell phone user to contemplate using one of these cards. I think the “problem” has been blown out of proportion, and most people now realize that descretion is needed when using their cells. I think the best approach is to ignore the occasional phone user who gets out of hand, or maybe simply shoosh them with a little finger-to-lips gesture.

Patrick • 11/22/05 12:54 PM:

At least they’re not selling these cards. But maybe they could. They strike one as smart and useful until one realizes that they’d never have the gumption to actually give one out.

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