We’re here in Uruguay

I thought it might be nice/useful for me to post here that we’ve made it to Uruguay safe, but maybe not as sound as we were before we left. I may need therapy after we have another long plane trip with Sara. Man, that kid is nuts! Here in Uruguay, things are nice. I’ve played some volleyball, taken some walks, eaten some good food. The kids are having a lot of fun. Adi is a bit reluctant with the Spanish, but she’s getting there. Sara’s new nickname is “la Saramoto” which is a play on “terremoto” or “earthquake.” The temperatures have been right on (mid-seventies). I have an appointment with Eduardo Galeano for next week to do another interview. I’ve also talked to a Tupamaro about tagging along while he leads a film crew around to various haunts and hotspots of the guerrilla. We’ll be doing that soon. I hope you are all well and excited for Christmas. We’ll talk to you then. Meanwhile, let’s blog!

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