Ireland’s Holy Mountain

I found this link while reminiscing about our vacation in Ireland. Click on “Virtual Pilgrimage” and enjoy the sights and sounds. Unfortunately, not all the links work, and I was unable to email Joseph Rose, who supposedly maintains the site. Maybe not surprising given that his visit to Croagh Patrick happened over a decade ago. Nonetheless, this remnant of his previous site still captures the spirit of this legendary land. Listen to the music and see if it doesn’t kindle some of that “ancestral memory” Patrick spoke of in his comment to this entry.

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Dad • 12/18/05 1:32 PM:

Here’s the email I tried to send that didn’t go through.

Dear Mr. Rose,

My wife, Elizabeth, and I visited Ireland last summer after years of dreaming and planning. We had a spectacular time traveling by car and staying in the B&Bs across the country. It was one of those “mist-shrouded” days when we arrived in Westport to see the famed Croagh Patrick. Liz was too tired to climb, and I didn’t see much point in expending all that energy merely to poke my head into the clouds, so I climbed only to St. Patrick’s statue and had a look around. I vowed one day to return and climb to the top, probably with comfortable hiking boots.

Your site was beautiful, and reminded me of Ireland’s richness and melancholy attraction. Thank you for building and maintaining it. While more of it operated very well (the music is super) some of the pictures did not load, and I got some “unknown” page messages. Maybe you’re aware of these glitches. They only detract slightly from the beauty of your inspiring site.

Thank you,

Pat Madden
Whippany, New Jersey, USA

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