Thinking About the Warming of the Globe

George Bush (Will Ferrell) has some important things to say about Global Warmings.

DavidFunnies02/02/06 3 comments


Dad • 02/04/06 12:32 PM:

In looking through the comments on the “Onegoodmove” site, I ran across a comment referring to Frank Caliendo of MadTV. It provided this clip he did from a radio show with all of his best impersonations in a row. In order they are John Madden, George W Bush, John Madden again, Jim Rome, Jeff Goldblum, Robin Williams, Jim Rome again, and Al Pacino. Some more of his stuff is at his website.

David • 02/13/06 11:03 PM:

That guy is a dead-on John Madden and a spot-on Robin Williams. His Jim Rome, Jeff Goldblum, and W, are okay. His Pacino is terrible. I would never have guessed who it was.

Patrick • 02/20/06 11:18 AM:

The Al Pacino impression sounds like some kind of muppet. I don’t know who Jim Rome is. The others are OK. George W. Bush is like Axl Rose: anybody can do an impression of them.

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