Alex Lifeson, Family Man

Everybody who knows me knows I love Rush. This is why I am so happy that they’re more than good musicians and intelligent readerly types. They’re also strong family men. Here’s an excerpt from an interview with Alex Lifeson, including some darn good advice:

EPI: Tell me about your family.

ALEX: I’ve been with my wife since we were fifteen. I have two grown sons but I have a grandson now who’s coming up on nine months old, so that has become such an incredible experience for me. I love the fact that I’m getting a second chance at being around one of my kids, even if it’s a generation apart. At least I’m seeing him grow and I can be an influence in his life. He’s just a joy!

EPI: Wow! You’ve been with your wife since you were fifteen! How do you balance marriage and the grueling schedule of a world touring rock band?

ALEX: Well, you know it’s become a way of life for us. We started touring, I mean really touring when I was 20 years old so it was certainly a difficult adjustment for us. We also had a family when we were very young but we just worked it out. No marriage is a smooth road. There are lots of bumps and curves but if you manage to get through all those bumps and curves early on you get a nice flat wide open road for the rest of the ride and it can be a wonderful thing, Certainly my wife and I have made many adjustments, many accommodations to each other and a marriage is fraught with many compromises that you have to accept but we’ve loved each other very deeply and that got us through any kind of rough patch.

EPI: That’s a testament to your integrity and commitment to each other.

ALEX: Well it is, and you know Geddy and his wife have been together thirty four years. In fact I introduced her to him so I mean, that’s kind of the way we are. We’re from a very sort of normal middle class background with middle class values. We come from families that always had a good strong work ethic. You know my dad always had two or three jobs. He believed that if you needed something or you wanted to buy something then you had to be prepared to go out and work for it and I think I learned that from him. It was the same way with Geddy’s family and Neil’s as well.

EPI: That’s refreshing to hear from someone that has reached your level of success in the rock music field, you know, not the norm.

ALEX: I think that it’s the only way you get to be in a successful rock band thirty years later. I mean, I think you have to have your head screwed on pretty good and your values in the right place. It’s so easy on the road and in the rock and roll world to start believing all the crap that people tell you and it will be your downfall if you start believing you’re as great as everybody says. I’ve seen so many artists, so many musicians crash that way.

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David • 02/13/06 11:00 PM:

I read this whole thing and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I appreciate you, Pat.

And I agree - Rush is a bunch of good guys. I’m proud to have them as my favorite band!

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