Hunter the Punter

I know that, as a rule, you guys don’t like country music, but this one is worth listening to. It’s Hunter Smith singing about his role as the holder for a great field goal kicker. He was a great ND athlete as a punter, a back-up QB, safety, and wide receiver. A 6’10 high jumper, he also led the Bible Study group on campus. Was he there with you, Patrick?

DadSounds02/21/06 2 comments


Patrick • 02/22/06 12:17 AM:

That was funny stuff. I especially appreciated Bob and Tom laughing in all the right spots, so I would know when I was supposed to laugh.

No: he was after my time. My punter was Craig Hentrich.

David • 02/25/06 10:00 PM:

Hunter was my punter. And he was great. I also remember him from Bookstore - man can that guy fly. When he dunked it was as if he was playing on an 8 ft. basket.

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