White Castle pledge

Mom and I went to White Castle for lunch the other day, and I noticed a pledge on their wall that promised to provide “the finest products for the least cost, with the cleanest surroundings and the most courteous employees.”

We know what they mean, but strictly speaking, their pledge is impossible to keep. That’s the problem with all of those “best and cheapest” claims. You cannot sell the finest products for the cheapest prices. And White Castle restaurants are not the “cleanest surroundings.” As for “most courteous employees,” well, that’s a little hard to say.

What they should say is that their goal is “Good food, low prices, clean surroundings, and courteous employees.” One could still argue about whether or not they meet these goals, but at least the goals would not be impossible.

DadObservations02/22/06 1 comments


Patrick • 02/24/06 12:55 AM:

There’s a supermarket in Uruguay called Devoto whose slogan is “Calidad y precio,” which is to say “Quality and price.” I always joke with Karina that they’re sure to live up to that one, since they can always offer poor quality and bad prices and still be fulfilling the letter of the “pledge.”

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