Advertising Limerick

I found a cool link on the web today that pointed to old advertisements with cartoon elements. I really enjoy this old style of integrating great illustration with hand-lettering and otherwise great design craft. I found one of these ads with a great limerick on it,

A bride with a brilliant IQ
Made gravy that just wouldn’t do—
Till her mom, who knew best,
Said, “You always add zest
with Frank’s Hot Sauce—thriftily, too.”

I think Pat will like the use of the word “thriftily,” pronounced “thrif-TIL-ly”. Nice!

DanPictures03/15/06 3 comments


Patrick • 03/17/06 12:17 AM:

Actually, in order to fit a good old proper rhythm, the word should be “thriftilily” don’cha think?

Dan • 03/21/06 12:10 PM:

Maybe. But that em-dash takes half a syllable, right? I would have really liked to see “thriftilily.”

Patrick • 03/21/06 12:53 PM:

If the em-dash takes a syllable, then it’s THRIFT-ti-ly, as in normal punctuation (also Frank’s HOT sauce).

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