The Ten Suggestions

Today’s first reading is the one from Exodus about the commandments. As I was listening, I thought about how today’s world is doing with regard to these sacred instructions.

1. No false gods. Grade: F

It’s hard to find a god in our society who is not false. Money, pleasure, consumer goods; you name it. The god of the neo-cons, the god of the hedonists, the god of science. Even the “one true god” is suspect. It’s so confusing.

2. No taking the name of God in vain. Grade: F

Need I say more?

3. Keep holy the Sabbath. Grade: F

Clearly, Moses didn’t know about football and discount stores.

4. Honor mom and dad. Grade: D

It could obviously be worse. Euthanasia could catch on.

5. No killing. Grade: D

Does capital punishment count? What about pre-emptive war? Abortion? Drive-by shootings? (Assuming they really need killing?)

6. No adultery. Grade: Course dropped.

This is OK now, right?

7. Don’t steal. Grade: D-

I think Moses meant to say, “Don’t get caught stealing.”

8. Don’t lie. Grade: Withdrew failing.

Compliance with this one is a definition problem. We no longer know what a lie is.

9. & 10. No coveting. Grade: No longer required.

These are clearly moral questions that have no place in secular society. We’re not doing very well policing our own thoughts, and I’m glad our society hasn’t invented the thought police just yet.

Based on this performance, it’s no surprise the commandments are now banned from our courts (except the Supreme Court) and town squares. But you can still think about them.

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