Annie “Sore Loser” Proulx

Class (not the economic position but the decorum) should dictate that if you wrote the short story that was adapted into the film Brokeback Mountain, you should keep your mouth shut and your fingers off the keyboard about not winning the Oscar for Best Picture. Just shut up. Nothing good can come of it. Don’t do it! And yet.

And for the record, Annie, it’s not a “Sour Grapes Rant” unless you say “I never wanted that stupid award anyway” or somesuch.

PatrickNews03/23/06 3 comments


Dad • 03/23/06 9:31 AM:

I was initially pleased at her use of the word heffalump but then she blew it and used it twice!

Doesn’t calling the Oscars, “magic gold-coated gelded godlings” come pretty close to souring the grapes?

And her implication that playing fictional characters is harder than “imitating” a real person fell flat with me. Yes, these actors “start in the dark,” but their creations don’t have to comply with any preconceived notions about the personality.

I’m still not going to see the movie.

Patrick • 03/23/06 11:50 AM:

Ok, perhaps if you take the alliterative description of the statuette sarcastically, then you approximate the tone of “I didn’t want the stupid award anyway,” but even that’s a stretch.

But really, what would possess the woman to air her grievances so publicly? What can she possibly gain? To me, it seems like a very bad move, one that only reveals her lack of maturity (though she’s a fairly old woman by now). Calling the Oscar winner “Trash—excuse me—Crash”? Is this woman in the second grade!?

What’s more, isn’t it ironic that she happens to like the Independent Spirit awards, which chose her movie for best picture? (“If you are looking for smart judging based on merit, skip the Academy Awards next year and pay attention to the Independent Spirit choices.”)

I dunno. I have my own dislikes and complaints about the Oscars, but, in the end, it’s democratic. It’s voted on by thousands of people in the industry. It’s their collective opinion. If you feel the Independent Spirit awards are somehow truer or righter, fine. But don’t piss and moan in public (with your oh-so-elevated-and-refined diction) when your name’s on the movie. Didn’t your mother ever teach you that, Annie?

And remember: The sun’ll come out tomorrow.

Dan • 03/23/06 12:57 PM:
Next year we can look to the awards for controversial themes on the punishment of adulterers with a branding iron in the shape of the letter A, runaway slaves, and the debate over free silver.

Yup. Everybody knows that racism is old hat.

I kinda agree with her about Hollywood being obsessed with impersonation. But it’s more than Hollywood, it’s most people. How many times have I heard that Joaquin Phoenix looks and sounds exactly like Johnny Cash? A lot, and who gives a bleep? And a lot of those people tell me that I have to see I Walk the Line because of that. No. That’s exactly why I don’t want to see it. I don’t know a lot about Johnny Cash, and I certainly don’t want my image of him to be Joaquin Phoenix and even more I don’t want Cash’s life to be Hollywood drama.

Back to Proulx. This article mentions a bunch of subjects and explores none. I learned nothing about why Brokeback should have won over Crash. I read an angry woman tossing out opinions and disagreements. I picture her sitting around at her computer trying to figure out why on Earth she made her daily diary public.

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