Cool Watches!

Check out these watches. When I decide to wear a watch (I suppose that happens when you grow up) I’m going to wear one of these. They look really nice and (in my opinion) are much more logical to use. This one views time as an growing object, such that the later it gets the more “units” get piled on. Awesome.

I’m pretty sure I’m not alone when I say that I still am uncomfortable reading clocks with hands. I mean, that is stupid! We have a clock in our living room and I never look at it because I’m afraid of it. It never moves but somehow it’s up to speed! So, obviously, this one scares me half to death.

This one reads well also, with dots representing the hours. And it divides the hours into threes. So easy to look at and interpret.

Don’t you wish you thought of these? So cool.

DanInspirations03/28/06 3 comments


David • 03/29/06 10:34 PM:

I’m pretty sure you are alone. So very alone.

I like the one with hours in groups of three. Very cool idea. You’re right, regular, non-digital clocks, are hard to read, especially if there are no markers, and if you don’t have 2 minutes to look at it.

Dad • 03/31/06 8:11 AM:

I share some of your concerns about clocks with hands, even though they were all that was available when I learned to tell time. You know the drill: when the big hand is on the 2 and the little hand is on the 8…. (Is that fourth dot supposed to be there?) Even as a small child I knew that an hour is “bigger” than a “minute” and they should have put the big hand on the hour.

And that’s not all they got wrong. What’s with this starting the year in the middle of winter in the middle of the night? proposes a better idea. Let’s start the year on the first day of spring!

Dan • 11/24/06 10:54 AM:

New watches from Nooka:



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