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I don’t watch NBC’s The Office, but after watching their April Fool’s PSAs I think I’m obligated. These short video clips are hilarious.

My favorites? “Beer”, “Meteor”, “Jellybeans”, “Bears”, and “Taping Sex”.

DanFunnies04/03/06 3 comments


Patrick • 04/04/06 3:25 PM:

I like the “Short” one and “Jellybeans” and “Smell.”

Patrick • 04/07/06 1:45 AM:

By the way, I’ve seen The Office once, and it was stupid. I had high expectations, but I didn’t like it. I kind of like My Name Is Earl though. Still, nothing compares 2 Arrested Development By the other way, did you know that Earl (Jason Lee) does the voice of Syndrome on The Incredibles?

Dan • 04/07/06 1:09 PM:

I saw The Office once only also and I didn’t like it too much. But I know a few people who keep telling me to give it another go. I saw My Name is Earl and thought that was really really bad. It’s also seems like it’s unbelievably offensive to Southerners. Arrested Development is offensive also, but they’re offensive to stupid Hollywood people, so that is more than okay by me.

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