Mom and Dad, your son Dan is an idiot, and the rest of your siblings are about to join me now that I’m telling you all about Cheerioke, Cheerios’s new viral marketing scheme. It’s phone-karaoke that’s made/sponsored by Cheerios.

Here are my karaoke versions of a couple timeless classics:

Low-voice Tiffany

Bolton is jealous (I think I sound like Pat on this one. Either way, I was screaming my brains out on this one. Like you couldn’t tell.)

My first attempt (I was by myself and still was able to crack myself up. Also, my messups were legit. I got flustered. I’m not sure why I’m a female in this one, either.)

The best parts of this whole thing is that when the final piece plays back, the music is behind the vocal. Also, when the words pop up on screen, sometimes they are too late for the music and by the time you have to sing the lyrics they’ve yet to appear on screen.

DanFunnies04/05/06 2 comments


Dad • 04/05/06 11:52 PM:

I must say, I found it funny. My favorite part was when you did the “arm-shaking vibrato” (Mr. Roboto?).

Patrick • 04/06/06 2:15 AM:

Here’s me singing I Think We’re Alone Now and How Am I Supposed to Sing That High?. I had fun. Note, too, that the vocals on the playback are ahead of the music. Man, I wish they had more songs.

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