Spam poetry

Every now and then my junkmail filters out messages from Mike Danko or David Lazar (who use AOL), so I check it. Today I found a cryptic message that seems like some postmodern language poetry or something (in part). I can’t really tell what the message is about, really, but here’s the “poetic” part of it. Taking a line from near the end, I’ll call the poem:

An Prescription of Incongruity

insurance, smack, nationalization uplifting of berth

tailor-made recommend instigate stigma?! broadcast as spent liberally,. as granola bronco hierarchical as away as an succor,. favorite limit fuel a southbound, to of accountant fascinate: gust, contrasting of default vein launch, the

confiscate visionary to lining multiplication fantastic?! preamble, flick. this cocktail receptive the discreet

mealtime amateurish. workers’ compensation, manor Allah, interior ballad tumultuous nomadic, the silo conservatory and! murderous as an prescription of incongruity the goggles

wheelbarrow: in gender, are was askew, postage stamp, a the plaything supposedly of vat is fraction the hemorrhoids! melt, to muted,. harlot view general election

surgical? sapphire and was an moped

top hat as NE doorman a the of exuberant, appreciation as gambler

I’m seriously thinking of collecting some of these and submitting them to a literary journal (with me as “redactor” or something; I wouldn’t claim authorship).

PatrickFunnies04/13/06 2 comments


Dad • 04/13/06 1:52 PM:

Your entry caused me to go through my junk mail folder, but alas, I found no poetry.

I keep thinking of an exuberant doorman in a top hat. He’s from New England.

Dan • 04/15/06 3:37 PM:

McSweeney’s submission guidelines give a list of reasons they might dislike a submission, and one of them is Your submission was some kind of list of goofy e-mail names from spam you received.

But I don’t know about spam poetry.

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