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Have you seen the TBS commercials for The Lord of the Rings? They’re pretty good, and I bet they were inspired by those remixed movie trailers we were posting on a while back. These TBS commercials must have been done by different people, because some (White Horse, Secret Lovers) are utterly stupid, while some are genius. Check out, especially, the ones for Gollum and Frodo (“It’s not easy being a tiny man with hairy feet, especially when you have the One Ring”).

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Dan • 04/15/06 3:15 PM:

Yeah, they’re kinda funny. One thing I’ve noticed in advertising (without citing any examples, sorry) is that they have started to pull a lot of their ideas from creative people who publish their material on the web. Beware, clever web-folk-artists, your good ideas will be stolen and used for profit! I’m still waiting for some commercial to try eating with helium!

Dan • 04/15/06 3:19 PM:

Oh, and my favorite of the remixed movie trailers is Brokeback to the Future.

Patrick • 04/16/06 12:08 AM:

Dan, you’re nuts. All those “let’s find the gay moments in these films” trailers are plumb dumb. The best is the first: Shining.

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