Here’s another of those “100 greatest” lists. This time it’s about science discoveries. You may disagree with some of them, naturally enough. You might even question why three of the eight categories are biology, evolution, and genetics. In addition, there’s medicine and earth science. At least Einstein is in there.

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Dad • 04/27/06 8:45 PM:

I’ve taken a closer look at the discoveries, would like to take issue with a couple. First, in chemistry, they listed “Buckminsterfullerenes” as a big discovery, but left out Linus Pauling’s theory of the chemical bond. Sorry, Buckyballs are cute, but I don’t think they rate this elite list.

Second, in earth science, they list continental drift, sea floor spreading, and plate tectonics as individual discoveries. Just make it one discovery and list a few extra guys for helping it along.

Third, under evolution, they list the asteroid theory of dinosaur extinction. Hmmm, should that really be astronomy?

Fourth, in physics, they include the second law of thermodynamics without including the first law. Hello, conservation of energy, people.

Fifth, also in physics, they cite Special Relativity and E=mc2 but fail to list the General Theory of Relativity.

No big deal though. Who cares about their stupid list?

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