Woman’s Long-Term Memory Astonishes Scientists

This lady’s story will astonish you too. It kinda reminds me of me, except, the exact opposite. She has the ability to remember everything (basically). Imagine being like that? How amazing is the human brain?

NPR intro, “Neurobiologist James McGaugh is one of the world’s leading experts on how human memory works. In the current issue of the journal Neurocase, McGaugh reports on a woman with the astonishing ability to clearly remember events that happened to her decades ago.”

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David • 04/20/06 1:30 PM:

Here’s the first interview with the woman, called AJ. This is crazier than if it were a fictional movie.

Dad • 04/20/06 9:50 PM:

Guess you missed Patrick’s 3/25 entry on the same woman? His link no longer works, so it’s a good thing.

The fact that this woman can store all that stuff in her brain, even if nobody else can, is indicative of the brain’s power. I don’t think it’s pure gigabytes, like computers. It’s something else, and I suspect it’s much more efficient than electronic circuitry. The brain is about storing relationships rather than raw facts, and maybe that explains why she still has trouble with “memorization.”

David • 04/21/06 11:26 AM:

Oops. Sorry about that Pat, yes, I did miss that entry. Why don’t we throw mine into the comments of Pat’s?

Patrick • 04/21/06 1:57 PM:

Nah. It’d be too much work to move this to the comments of my entry. Just keep it here.

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