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Mom and I watched Crash tonight, mostly to see why it won the Academy award. It was an incredible movie, powerful and weird and funny and poignant and strangely uplifting. The last time I felt like this was when I saw American Beauty. Both movies have that extraordinary artistry that lets you know you’re being manipulated by the very best. Crash is masterfully interwoven, like that tapestry of life we often talk about. I recommend it.

DadReviews04/28/06 2 comments


Patrick • 04/29/06 3:22 AM:

I thought Crash was waaay better than American Beauty. Crash was certainly a movie, not reality, but it was done so well that, like you say, you know you’re being manipulated by the very best. It’s really a kind of modern-day fable. People in the movie are types, and their intersections are far-fetched. But who cares? It’s a movie! A big story on the screen.

I thought the movie was fantastic.

David • 04/29/06 4:44 PM:

Whoa people. I thought the movie was good. That’s it. Certainly nothing more than that. Why would you want to be manipulated by the best? I thought it was way, way too contrived. Matt Damon was a good actor in it, I’ll give you that. So to answer your question - who cares? Me.

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