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I watched an interesting golf competition on Sunday called the “Shoot your age” championships. CBS showed the finals of this event in which a bunch of old guys try to shoot an 18-hole round of golf in less strokes than their age in years. Naturally, this goal is beyond the reach of all the current elite golfers in the world, merely because they aren’t old enough. Here are the results.

Of course, my first thought was when I might expect to shoot my age. My current low score (albeit for a par 65 course) is 79, but my handicap and lowest score have been dropping every year since I resumed golfing in 2001. Assuming I stay healthy and continue to improve, at least a little bit, I may be able to shoot my age within 15 years.

My second thought was that this is a neat way to age-handicap a sport, at least for guys over 65. I immediately wondered what other sports might be amenable to this sort of “handicapping.” Not many, I suspect. For one thing, it needs to be a sport where the objective is to get the lower number. Other then timed events, I can’t think of any besides golf. For example, the quarter mile might be a good track event to use. I good high school time is about 50 seconds, so maybe an in-shape older fellow might beat his age sometime in his 50’s. I haven’t tried running a 440 lately, but maybe if I trained a bit, I could run it in better than 62 seconds. Swimming events, such as the 100 meter might be used as well.

It’s also fun to think about other events that could kinda fit this motif. At what age could a boy expect to put the shot more feet than his age? I don’t think a 10 year old could do it, but most 16 year olds could. Then one could ask how old you are when you can no longer “put your age.” I’m clearly past that point. Other questions might be: Has anyone ever “pole vaulted” their age? Can you do more pull ups than your age? Push ups?

Can anyone think of any other athletic (or other) events that can be age handicapped?

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Dad • 05/09/06 11:18 PM:

By the way, one of the guys in the competition, Bud Chapman, who tied for second, is the guy who painted the “Infamous Golf Holes” shown here.

I should also mention that, amazingly, I shot my age the day after seeing the competition described above. I had to bend the rules a little, but I think you’ll agree it was a fine achievement. It ocurred at the Hanover Seniors Golf outing on Monday. The format was 4-man “scramble,” in which each of the players shoot from the position of the best previous shot. Thus, after teeing off, the players select the best shot and everyone hits a second shot from there. This continues, even on the green, until the ball is in the hole. Needless to say, this dramatically improves scoring. At the end of the day, Bob Smith, Bruce Barret, Dick Larkin, and I shot a 62, which was good enough to take second place in the tournament. I now have my first ever golf trophy. Come to think of it, this cheap peace of plastic may be my first trophy period.

Patrick • 05/10/06 6:30 PM:

I will comment more on this entry later, but just let me say that I love how Dad always does the first comment on all his entries.

Dad • 05/13/06 10:30 AM:

Waiting for you guys to comment is like watching paint dry.

Dan • 05/18/06 10:57 AM:

Those “Infamour Golf Holes” just reminded me that I hate golf. Maybe I’ll change my mind later in life when I can no longer play real sports, but for now, it’s just a bad use of a lot of land.

Pull-Ups/Age. Ooh. That’s good. I could do 13 when I was in 5th grade. In fact, every year I did physical fitness testing—I got 13 pullups. I can do more than that now, but nothing close to 26. Pushups, that’s a good one. They’re harder than you’d think if you’re not doing them consistently. I can do 45 or so without practice, so I’ve got a few years for that challenge. And Dad, there is no way you’d get anywhere near your age in the 400 Meter Dash. In HS I ran it twice and my best was like 54 seconds.

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