World Cup 2006

The World Cup starts on Friday in Germany. I can’t wait. I am not an expert on soccer, nor am I a lifelong fan. But come on folks, you gotta love when the world gets this fired up about something. Many people believe this to be the premiere sporting event in the world, even better than the Olympics. Perhaps. In referring to the World Cup and the US stance on soccer, SI writer Steve Rushin got it right when he titled his article, “World’s Right; We’re Wrong”.

I decided I would supply a few links to some amazing soccer (futbol) highlights that I’ve been checking out over the past week or so. Some of them are as phenomenal as any highlight in any sport, in history.

Start with this video of the Best Goals All Time (Check out Maradona’s - it was voted goal of the century) Once you watch this you will agree that soccer is The Beautiful Game.

Kerlon Souza invented the Seal Dribble (and longer version).

Johann Cruyff is famous for the Cruyff Turn

Colombian goalie Luis Martinez scored from his own penalty box!

Also check out the videos on Nike’s site Joga Bonito and go here to view this video chain of about a hundred people juggling a soccer ball - all linked into one chain. They also have videos of the best player in the world Ronaldinho.

Oh yeah - Go USA!

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David • 06/24/06 9:46 AM:

Check out these World Cup Hairdos They’re terrible. The commentary isn’t very funny, but trust me, the dos are. And, YEA!, there’s a comment to my post!

David • 07/10/06 3:37 PM:

Absolutely horrendous? Or Absolutely Awesome? Both. Zidane’s headbutt yesterday was incredible. Just look at that Italian guy crumple. If you watched it live, will you ever forget it?

So as I was reading some articles about the incident, and a writer mentioned Eric Cantona’s Kung Fu Kick how crazy is that!! Here’s a photo which is even better. Just check out the looks on the other fans’ faces. Fantastic. This guy puts Ron Artest to shame. AND he’s apparently the man. He’s the guy in all the Nike Joga Bonito commericals.

Patrick • 07/10/06 4:12 PM:

While flipping around looking for information on the Zidane headbutt, I found this Google Ad link to a site called “” Their tag line says: Find lasting peace in Jesus No matter who wins the World Cup. Now, I’m all for Jesus, but this is kind of stupid.

Patrick • 07/10/06 4:14 PM:

By the way, Zidane really needs his own entry here on Maddenation. Meanwhile, I want to say that I’m proud of all those guys with the supposedly “bad” haircuts. Why? Because they’re not slaving themselves to USA fashions. They’re not all bald, like the NBA was for a time. They’re just doing their thing. Props to the guys with the bad haircuts. Keep on resisting.

David • 07/11/06 1:26 PM:

This cameraman got a better angle on the headbutt

What’s wrong with being bald? Pat, are you kidding about your haircut comments, I hope so. For your sake, and for all of humanity. Those hairdos are the worst.

PS. Holy Crap is that kung fu kick awesome. He’s like 12 feet high and into the stands.

PS2. I’m being Zidane for Halloween.

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