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Y’all check out my photos on google’s Picasa. It’s an easy and pretty nifty way to share pictures online. Just learned about it yesterday. I’ll have more pictures on there soon. This is the site for getting a version that works with macs and iPhoto.

I’m thinking we could even get a family gmail account - like and then open a family picasa site, and we could then easily link to it on Maddenation. What about getting a deal going on YouTube or Google videos for family related stuffs?

DavidPictures08/04/06 3 comments


Dad • 08/06/06 1:27 PM:

Great pictures, Dave. I think I might put some of mine on too. Especially those ones of hazardous waste facilities.

David • 08/12/06 10:30 AM:

I posted some old-school picturs of our family slides. How a look. I think we should start an initiative to get all those slides scanned digitally. Whaddaya say?

David • 08/18/06 10:10 PM:

Take a look at Bigfoot, as played by Dad in the ‘slides’ section of the album. I just showed Dad (we’re talking on the phone right now). He commented, “I look more like Bigfoot than you do” (in reference to the Yosemite picture). To which I replied, “Yes, Father, you do”.

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