Here It Goes Again

The music video ‘Here It Goes Again’ by Ok Go is captivating, hilarious, unbelievable, and inspiring. Check it out and then tell me if you ever thought you’d see a band be so choreographed and athletic. I mean, that’s hard to do, right? And for such a long time. I like it when they look like they’re iceskating forwards and when they do the jump-spins (at about 2:20). How many times did they fall during practice? And how long did it take them to make this? Doesn’t it make you want to try something like this?

DanReviews08/06/06 3 comments


Patrick • 08/07/06 5:41 PM:

Mighty cool. I dig it. It reminds me of a video by the Mexican band Cafe Tacuba for Dejate Caer. Note, especially, the dance sequence at about 3:15. It’s not as complex as OK Go, but it’s mighty great nonetheless.

Patrick • 08/08/06 2:42 PM:

Oh: The Cafe Tacuba one benefits greatly from the break-dancing slither-chain and Karate-Kid crane kick position at the end. Right?

Dad • 08/09/06 3:22 PM:

Holy caramba, there is no comparison between the athletic, energetic performance by Ok Go and the trite, wedding-reception steps of Cafe Tacuba, with or without the crane kick. Both, of course, are throw-backs to the early days of Rock-n-roll, when bands used to routinely choreograph dance steps into their numbers. However, Ok Go still takes the all-time cake. I mean, they even beat me riding my bike backwards while sitting on the handlebars. (To the tune of Ricky Nelson singing “Travelin’ Man”?)

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