Sustainable Development?

A summary of the conference I attended at Columbia University in March has been placed on this website. It is quite comprehensive and has an extensive list of organizations that are addressing the problems this meeting highlighted.

Clearly, a lot more is being said about the problems of poverty and development in the world than is effectively being done. This is always the case. I personally find it much easier (and quite satisfying, actually) to talk about the problems of the world and suggest actions that others (our leaders, I guess) should take to resolve them than to change my lifestyle. Nonetheless, my attitudes are changing, and so are those of many people around me.

What is needed is more action; examples of how to behave and how to organize for change. It amazes me how many organizations are already addressing the problems we see and hear about throughout the world. Makes you wonder how bad things would be if they didn’t exist. It also makes you wonder why they aren’t more effective.

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