Notre Dame Football Videos

Go ahead, spend a day watching these Notre Dame Football Videos. They are all amazing (some with not-so-great quality). Clips date back to the 50’s and all the way up to last season. I just watched Rocket return that punt 91 yards vs. Colorado. I can still remember jumping around the family and going crazy. Enjoy.

DavidMovies08/27/06 4 comments


Dad • 08/28/06 10:50 PM:

I just watched the ‘92 clip of Reggie Brooks becoming the first player in history to score a TD while unconscious!

Patrick • 08/31/06 1:09 AM:

Bless you, David; bless you, BlueGraySky! I have searched for the Irv Smith carrying ALL 22 Indiana starters on his back thirty yards into the end zone video since it happened in 1992 (and since they showed it at MASS when I graduated). Now I can rest.

Patrick • 08/31/06 1:23 AM:

AH, and who can forget the Mirer-to-Brooks two-point-conversion, game-winning pass in the final seconds of the Penn State “snow bowl,” the last game of my senior year? I was there. It was the best game I’ve ever seen. When Brooks caught the pass, it was in the SW corner of the endzone, hidden from view for us in the student section. We were all standing on our benches, leaning forward to see as much as we could, and then we all fell forward several rows. I ended up head-downward on top of some people, with more people on top of me, and though we couldn’t see the play, we knew it was a game-winner because of the cheering. What ecstasy!

David • 09/15/06 4:05 PM:

Here is a cool site from the Penn State game.

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