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Back a few months ago when I was working in an office I used a brand new iMac and it comes with a camera built in to the top part. I didn’t really think there was much of a point to this until one day, when everybody but me was in a meeting and I messed around with the applications and found “Photo Booth”. Photo Booth is a program that is like those things in malls that you sit in front of and it charges you $10 to take 3 photos of yourself and you’re supposed to make crazy faces and laugh and stuff. Well, this application has a bunch of fun-house mirror-esque settings and holy moley it’s funny. So funny, in fact, that for the entire hour I was taking my photo (+60 photos altogether) I was hoping the officemates wouldn’t hear me cracking up or see me convulsing all by myself in the office across from them. And they didn’t. Phew. Anyway, I’ve put some of the best shots in a zip file online. You can download it, upzip it and check it out.

Update: Pat’s are in the folder also. Geez, these things are hilarious.

DanFunnies10/30/06 4 comments


David • 10/31/06 10:50 PM:

These are hilarious. You really are an alien! I took dozens of these earlier this year (while wasting about an hour at work - my IT buddy has a mac at work). It’s scary how similar they are to yours. How can I put mine on here? (we should set up a way, without having to go to another site and unzip some files).

Patrick • 11/02/06 1:33 AM:

Dude. Awesome. I laughed my gut out. I have done a few myself, and you should host mine and Dave’s at your site (and get on ESPN later). OK? Lemme know. I can send you the zip file. In fact, I’m gonna do it right now. Then we gotta put some key photos in this entry.

Dan • 11/02/06 1:51 AM:

Who knew that we could make ourselves look so ugly?

And I put Pat’s photos up also. Check the link.

Dan • 11/02/06 10:53 AM:

Alright. Dave’s are up also. He looks the ugliest. And he looks like he has some sort of skin-falling-off skin condition. Dave?

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