Saint Desmond?

Who okayed my confirmation name choice? Didn’t anyone (certainly not me) look up to see if Saint Desmond was a real saint? As far as I can tell, he’s not. I just sorta picked it so as to preserve my 2D-ness in all names. And I liked it better than Donald (either that, or I didn’t think of Donald). Why didn’t my wise and discerning parents step in and overrule? I mean, what dumb thing to do.

So, this all means that I can pick a new name, right? Do I need to get permission from the Pope? Fr. John? I’m thinking maybe Francis or perhaps Thomas More (aren’t I a man for all seasons?) or perhaps John Baptiste De La Salle (patron of teachers) or Ignatius. What do you guys think?

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Dad • 11/04/06 10:19 AM:

Come on, David. You know it was because of Desmond Howard catching that spectacular TD against ND and getting the Heisman. I think you told me (or maybe I just assumed) that there was a St. Desmond, and I gave you the benefit of the doubt.

As far as changing your confirmation name, check with one of your Jesuit friends. I think the church records at OLM still have Desmond listed along with your certificate (or whatever they keep to show you received that sacrament). Knowing the Church, there’s probably an official process to go through.

By the way, I have through the years forgotten my conf. name! I remember vividly having much difficulty choosing between Michael and Joseph, but now I don’t remember which one I picked. Maybe I should write to my former parish and see what they’ve got.

As for names to pick, I have some suggestions. In line with the double D theme, we have:
and of course, Donald. You could also go with 3 Ds with: Deusdedit, the shoemaker. But my personal favorite (and I only studied the Ds, given the limited time) and one that you will like, is St. Dominator.

Patrick • 11/04/06 12:04 PM:

And let’s not forget St. Desmond with his barrel in the mah’ketplace, singing “Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da, life goes on, brah!”

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