Worst sports interview sentence ever?

Most sports interviews are plagiarisms of all previous sports interviews, so the most fun you can have is when you’ve got, say, Randy Stoklos, who doesn’t quite get “English” and stumbles all over himself. Another way to have fun is when somebody slathers their speech in so much passive-voice jargon. Such was the case with Tennessee Titans head coach Jeff Fisher, who, in response to the Albert Haynesworth head-stomping, said:

To me, the respect factor was violated by Albert.

Yes, indeed. Post your funny bad sports sentences here. Especially if you can find some Stoklos originals.

PatrickFunnies11/07/06 1 comments


Patrick • 11/19/06 12:28 PM:

Here’s an awesome sentence from Brady Quinn, after yesterday’s win against Army:

We don’t have too many opportunities to play your last game in Notre Dame Stadium.

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