The Cupertino Effect

The Cupertino Effect is the title given to a spell-checking system when it replaces a misspelled word with the wrong word. It gets its name from the misspelling of “cooperation” as “cooperatino”, replacing the typo with “Cupertino”. I wonder how often Pat sees this effect when grading papers. I’ve seen it automatically change my words, often from “than” to “then” and from “their” to “there”…

Cupertino is a city located in Northern California. And, by the way, I have yet to spell “Cupertino” properly on the first try. I keep having to delete “Cupertion”.

DanObservations11/15/06 2 comments


Patrick • 11/16/06 11:17 PM:

What does your spell checker suggest for “Cupertion”? “Cooperation”?

Dan • 11/17/06 2:09 PM:

No, “Cupertino”.

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