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This is why they made the internet.

You know you always wanted to be able to watch Cal’s five-lateral kickoff return through the Stanford band whenever you want, not only on highlight recap shows that use it to spice things up. Having this on the internet is really a dream come true. Just wait a few years until they have it in really high quality. (And how would you like to be the band guy who got spiked in the endzone along with the football?) (And why don’t more teams run laterals on kick returns?) (Or drop kicks?)

PatrickMovies11/17/06 1 comments


Patrick • 11/18/06 12:10 AM:

I found the name of the trombone player who got spiked:

…Moen’s impromptu, celebratory spike on the head of Gary Tyrrell, a senior Stanford trombone player and engineering major.

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