Charlie Weis and Pete Carroll

Even though I got a miracle ticket last year, I still hate USC. I hate them more than Michigan or Ohio State or anybody else. No doubt. And if there is any doubt, why don’t we do a coach comparison (and let it stand as a school comparison). Here you go (view in order) first take a look at (sound ON). Then take a look at No further comments, your honor.

DavidInspirations11/22/06 2 comments


Dan • 11/24/06 10:55 AM:

I think the comparison is better if you look at Weis’s site first. When you look at his site and then you see “THE HUMANITARIAN!!!!” on Carroll’s site it makes it look much more absurd. Plus, that music!

Patrick • 11/24/06 1:22 PM:

Right: I mean “HUMANITARIAN” and Pete’s standing in front of a microphone in front of a Lexus backdrop? What’s he dedicating his time and effort to? Or raising money for? (Since nowadays, “humanitarian” is synonymous with “fundraiser.”) Come listen to Pete Carroll at the annual Lexus-owners fundraiser! Help all those Lexus-owning people get bigger houses!

In a small defence of Pete, on the other hand, I imagine most coaches who might have their own website are going to have some kind of pep-rally hype machine. It makes sense. And even though I do think Charlie Weis is a class act, a really good person, it’s the fact that his own daughter has special needs that gives him his primary incentive to donate his time and effort to relieving that burden.

I just read an article somewhere, I forget where, about how ND and USC have nothing but respect for each other. It’s a classy rivalry. I dunno about that, Dave, but one sure thing is that the game pretty much always matters.

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