Madden Nation on ESPN

You may remember our references to the Other MaddenNation. Well, I have to fold some laundry tonight, so I turned on ESPN, and what did I find? A Madden Nation TV show. So, apparently, it’s a cross-country tour/tournament with guys just playing video games. They have the expected candid conversations with the players, but basically, you’re watching obsessive guys playing Madden football.

A quote from one of the players: “I didn’t want to put my whole Madden Nation life on the line with a coin toss.” When one guy lost (and, I guess, was eliminated), he said something like “It’s not just a game for guys like so-and-so and me.” He was kind of choked up.

So, my point is: It’s kind of cool that we got their domain name right before they knew they wanted it, no? It’s also cool of them not to come after our name or anything. I’m kind of glad for them. If we wanted to add some video-game football ads to our site, I bet we’d get people who find us by accident and then click on things so we can get tenths of pennies adding up!

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