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I’m writing this here because I figure I’ll have to use it in an essay someday. After finding that Madden Nation program on ESPN, I started googling. I found a discussion topic on the other guys’ site where they’re talking about our site. Here’s what they had to say (in January 2005):

slightly interesting but not relevent to madden. Actually pretty boring.

Doesn’t look interesting…at all.

interesting in the way that its got nothing interesting at all.

can I get a refund on the bandwidth I just wasted looking at that site?

thats 2 minutes of my life that I’m not getting back.

You decreased my IQ by having me type that site in. You should put a disclaimer in your post. How boring…to write about the placement of an extension cord in your basement work area. And then for me to write about them writing about it…WOW

thank yous to the doctors who revived me. does that site have any point?

Then they make fun of Dad’s post Got Any Duck Food?

You can see where this might come in handy in an essay. Greasy, fat, unshowered, girlfriendless men picking their underwear out of their cracks as they take a break from their all-day gaming to post one of their thousands of messages in online forums dedicated to a video game feeling bored by mathematical challenges. Uh huh.

PatrickFunnies12/17/06 2 comments


Dad • 12/17/06 5:38 PM:

That’s funny. I never find our site boring.

Dad • 12/17/06 5:48 PM:

By the way, did you purposely misspell Madennation?

Incidentally, I tried to access the other site just now and it immediately sends you to So we have now outlived them. Of course, we don’t make any money on this site. Too boring, I guess.

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