Regis Philbin rigs BCS bowl selections

I was trying to look up the day/time of the OSU/FLA game and ran across this blog on whether or not ND belongs in a BCS bowl. Holy vitriol, Bat Man!

At least I learned something. Apparently the bowl games are about money. And somehow, Regis Philbin and other outrageously loyal ND fans were able to rig the selection process so that Notre Dame got a BCS bid even though they were not ranked in the top ten. Sometimes I wish those bloggers wouldn’t kid around so much.

DadConspiracies01/04/07 3 comments


David • 01/08/07 9:26 PM:

I don’t see where there is a reference to Regis? Am I missing something?

Dad • 01/08/07 11:31 PM:

There was some stupid remark in one of the blog entries where the guy was trying to point out that, like it or not, it’s not ND’s fault they got the bowl bid. I’m not even sure he mentioned Regis, but the comment was something like, “What? did Regis and his buddies somehow force the BCS committee to rank ND high?

But mostly I was joking.

Patrick • 01/11/07 10:25 PM:

Still, these are bowl invitations. One can turn down an invitation, and perhaps accept a more suitable invitation.

Now, what miffs me is that Ohio State got blown away by Florida, same score that LSU blew away Notre Dame, 41-14. And what are the final rankings? Florida, Ohio State, LSU… with ND around 17th or 19th, depending who you ask. I don’t think ND deserves to be ranked higher, but why oh why is Ohio State still #2? How about Wisconsin or Boise State?

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