“Significances located in the image”

Since Dan has recently established a Maddenation Flickr page (and has not posted anything here about it, nor offered a link), I think it’s appropriate to share with you some insight I’ve recently gleaned about Family Photographs. I’m doing some quick, haphazard research for a paper on images as illustrations and inspirations for written essays, and I just found this incisive comment

The photographs showed details of everyday life and the context in which events occurred in the community. The insight gained through her own fieldwork and subjects’ responses to pictures was more valuable than the actual content of the photographs (Schwartz, 1992). She compared her interview process with Christopher Musello’s description of “family viewing contexts.” Musello believes family discussion of photographs establishes a “verbal context delineating what should be attended to and what significances are located in the image,” (Musello, 1980).

Which just goes to show, I guess, that b.s. is alive and well in photography studies. I realize that I am in some measure compromised by my proximity to all of this, but please, somebody slap me if I ever start just stating the obvious in ridiculously overwrought language.

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