Straight up, this guy is awesome. Check out his stuff. And I mean spend a few hours on it. I first heard about him after I had the idea, while eating out, to bring my own framed picture and put it up on the restaurant’s wall. You know the places that have framed pictures all over of family or semi-famous people. Turns out, like most things, it had already been done, but way, way better. Banksy takes his own art and hangs it in some of the most prestigious museums in the world (like the Met, the MCA, and some London museums - one of which decided to keep the piece in its rotation). NPR Story. Even cooler than that is his grafitti. It’s clever and amazing, both as art and social commentary. You’ll love it. Dan has got to know about him, right?

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Patrick • 06/23/07 11:15 PM:

I still think you should put your picture up in some diners, but not secretly. Come in with a kind of entourage, make a big deal of signing the picture to the establishment, and then hang it up. So they think you’re real, too. When they look up “David Madden” on IMDB, they’ll confirm it!

David • 07/16/07 11:42 AM:

It turns out that somehow a major part of my entry was magically deleted/left out. That part included info on how exactly I came to hear about Banksy. See, I was at dinner with a brilliant artist named Megan. During the course of the meal she enlightened me with info about Bansky.

Dan • 07/16/07 12:02 PM:

I don’t think the entry ever said that, but you told me that on the phone. Except you left out the “brilliant” part. Ha.

Banksy is the bomb. A lot of his stuff makes me say “Dang! That’s a good idiea!” And I get mad that I didn’t think of it. And he’s got like perfect execution. He does a lot of his stuff in LA, though I’ve never seen any. Unfortunately here one of the bigger alterna-artists (I don’t know what they’re called) is Shepard Fairey, who got famous by slapping “Andre the Giant Has a Posse” stickers all over South Carolina and spread nationwide via the teenage skateboard community. It was a pointless joke that he spun into millions of dollars with his clothing line and personal crummy work (but fairly nice craft), Obey Giant (read that hysterical mission statement, then proceed inside to view boring “socio-political” “artwork”, where he’s evolved his Andre portrait into a soul-less computered version of Ande who is now the figure you are now supposed to “obey”!!

Interestingly enough, the non-profit organization that our vball tour worked with this weekend had all their branding (logo, biz cards, tees, etc) designed by Fairey. Needless to say, it is all quite underwhelming. But we got tees that say “OBEY Awareness” on the back.

So back to Banksy. I don’t remember how I found out about him, but I do remember that it was the fall of 2002 and I scoured the internet searching for all things Banksy. Now there’s tons of Flickr pages of his work and a decent amount of wikipedia information about him. He’s a smart guy.

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