Live Earth

This weekend rockers from around the world are trying to raise money and awareness for mother Earth. It’s called Live Earth Nice idea, yes. Sure, I’m usually suspicious about celebrities doing anything good. But sometimes the masses actually get it right and are well-intentioned. Maybe this is one of those times. Either way, here’s a good site that deals with greening up our meals. Look around those sites and talk about it with your friends and cow orkers. And heck, take a look at some of those band lineups, insane.

DavidInspirations07/07/07 1 comments


Patrick • 07/09/07 8:56 AM:

I’m usually suspicious of any music-celebrity event that doesn’t include Rush, so I just wrote this off as another bandwagon thing. Seriously, though, while I like the idea of inspiring people to live more responsibly, having some of the most wastefully consumptive folks on the planet as spokespeople seems, I dunno, hypocritical. And while I realize that the benefits probably outweigh the costs, having huge concerts, which waste tons of non-renewable energy (and require people to concregate from far away in carbon-fuel-burning automobiles) seems also like a step in the wrong direction. How about just a bunch of Internet broadcasts from the bands in their living rooms playing acoustic instruments?

That said, I was pleased to see Cat Stevens playing “Wild World,” if only because if gave me another entry for my “Running Out of Lyrics” post!

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