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I am loath to add a new category to the other 31 (which I believe is the number of flavors at Baakin-Robbins) but I wanted to comment on a poet, and we have no category for poems.

I was listening to a Bill Moyers interview with Robert Bly and was struck by his curmudgeonly charm. He’s 80 years old (an age where accuracy is no longer required, or even useful, and it’s only necessary to name the decade), twinkle-eyed, impertinent, and joyful. This poem was written before the Iraq war commenced.

I don’t remember, but wasn’t it Sunday night when we first saw the bomb blasts over Baghdad? I wonder if Muslims can easily remember where that errand “h” goes in this capital city’s name?

Dadpoems09/10/07 1 comments


David • 09/16/07 6:39 PM:

I like that poem Dad. Thanks for sharing.

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