Scotty’s Castle

I first heard about Death Valley Scotty on Walt Disney’s early TV show (well before “Disney’s world of color”) sometime in the late 50’s. Disney did a special on the “secret gold mine” Scotty reputedly found in Death Valley and the fabulous castle he built there with the proceeds of his lucrative discovery.

I was young then, and the idea of secret gold mines, buried treasure, and exotic places was exciting to me. Actually, it still is! But I’ve never gotten to see Scotty’s castle, although I almost went searching for it when I was driving across Nevada many years ago, on my way to visit uncle Jeff in Reno after a conference in Las Vegas. While cruising along Rt. 95 north, I noticed a little side road labeled “Scotty’s junction.” I immediately thought that must the the way to Scotty’s castle, but I was traveling too fast to stop, and I was trying to get to Jeff’s before nightfall (an objective I did not meet). I made a mental note to check it out on the way back, but my schedule didn’t allow it then either. How many more opportunities will there be?

Well, now another one, kind of, presents itself. A trip to Las Vegas with the family to see Circe Beatelles (whatever). Once in Vegas, the castle is only another 179 miles (in the opposite direction). After that, the way home could either retrace our steps the Las Vegas, or head north into no-man’s-land and then right through few-men’s-land to Utah. Whatcha think?

DadHistories10/22/07 1 comments


David • 10/28/07 6:31 PM:

Sounds cool to me!

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