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While watching the ND-Stanford game and talking on the phone with David, I noticed an odd looking thing on the sidelines and asked about it. Dave told me it was probably Stanford’s mascot, “The Cardinal,” which is a tree! I have to admit, I didn’t know that. I thought the Cardinal was the bird. While looking for a picture of the tree on the web, I ran across this site celebrating the 25 worst college mascots. Guess who got No. 1?

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David • 11/25/07 7:27 PM:

Yes. Stanford’s tree deserves to be #1, but some of those other ones are pretty darn close. As a rule, you shouldn’t be able to have your school mascot be just a color - like Harvard Crimson, U of Chicago Maroons, there must be more. And to think, some schools have changed their names to just weird color-type things: Syracuse Orange, St. John’s Red Storm. Overall, I love when a school’s mascot is a concept or a non-real thing. Like the Tulane Green Wave. Or Stanford. Stanford wins based on it’s ridiculously stupid looking mascot.

That being said, I kinda like the old-school/worn-out/cheap/somebody’s-former-Halloween mascot costume. Like the FL Gator. Or one that wasn’t on there - the Penn State Nittany Lion.

That top 25 list was well done. I like it. Good call on…
the Miami Ibis
FL A&M rattlesnake. It should be #2
Great call on the camel with The Glow
The Salukis look insane and evil!
GM Gunston? Yikes.
The Billikens. Scary.
The commentary on Tulsa is perfect.

Here are mascots I don’t think should be on there.
GT jackets
FL gator
WKU’s Big Red is awesome.

Good one Dad!

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